Linden Lab Splits Mentor Group

Help Island - Last chance to see!Here I am, at what might be my last picture as a Mentor on a Help Island. Why? Linden Lab has just discontinued the Mentor Programme. A shock to many of the 1,600 Mentors (down from a group that has once had up to 3,500 volunteers) that have been faithfully helping out new residents with their first steps in Second Life®.

As of December 11, the Mentor group will be disbanded, and access to the Help Islands by former Mentors will be unallowed. Almost all islands and places where Mentors used to get in touch with each other, receive formal training in mentoring, or met with the VTeam for keeping in touch, will be closed down. Linden Lab’s VTeam itself will cease to exist. So newbies will be on their own, unless they have clicked on a Community Gateway.

Tragic as this might seem for many, who have invested billions of hours over the past 6 years in aiding fellow residents, at the expense of many sleepless nights and prematurely greyed hair, this actually makes more sense than it seems.

Linden Lab is not stopping people to help new residents. Instead, they’re encouraging members of the so-called Resident Help Network to form special groups to aid newbies to find their way around SL. These groups will have a certain amount of rules to be allowed to be formally recognised as helper groups and access the public Help Islands; any group of 50 or above will be able to join.

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