Digital People and Anonymous Avatars by Extropia DaSilva

Many people seem to think that ‘digital people’ and ‘anonymous avatars’ are one and the same thing. But this is just not true.

An anonymous avatar is one that A) carries no real life identification and B) has built up no in-world reputation.

In stark contrast, a digital person is somebody that HAS built up an inworld reputation. A digital person considers his or her identity to come entirely from how he or she is perceived by the online communities they are a part of. From this fact, we can take the logical step to the assertion that a digital person wants to become as familiar a figure in their online communities as possible. After all, the more people become familiar with the name and personality of ’Extropia DaSilva,’ the more ‘real’ that digital person becomes. We can also logically assume that a digital person seeks not just wide familiarity, but a POSITIVE reputation within online communities. This is because if you gain a BAD reputation, you increase your chances of being ejected. For a digital person, having your account suspended or cancelled is almost a fate worse than death!

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