Digital People and Anonymous Avatars by Extropia DaSilva

Sadly, though, the belief that ‘this person provides no RL identity and so is not to be trusted’ is becoming more and more widespread. This makes it more and more difficult for a digital person to begin building up a positive and exclusively online-based reputation. Scope Cleaver can often (but not always) rely on the positive responses of past clients as all the guarantee he needs to secure a contract. But, what if he were just starting out, therefore had no inworld reputation to speak of, and he refused to divulge any RL identification? I do not think he would get very far. I guess Scope, Gwyn and I were fortunate to come to Second Life while it was still very much an immersionist online world, one where you could develop a good standing in the community without needing to be tied to a RL identity. Sadly, unless people wake up to the fact that brandishing a RL identity is not, actually, the perfect guarantee of trustworthiness, (and certainly less effective than a firm and good standing within online communities), new residents may never again have the opportunity to acquire the firm and positive reputations that digital people consider essential to their inworld persona.

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