A for Apologies?

This, I admit, made me go over the top. And while I was writing a complaint to LL about the way they were handling a customer of mine (to be honest, I’ve delayed sending that complaint, because I was given some assurance that LL would answer the tickets — Live Chat help rocks!!), I thought that this should also go to the Better Business Bureau as a formal complaint, lest it be ignored. And that’s when I found about the not-so-surprising BBB’s “F” rating for Linden Lab!

It’s not surprising because… they have had the “F” rating for years now, like FlipperPA Peregrine commented on the SLED list, or Hamlet Au noted a year ago. It’s not “news”. A quick search on Google showed that the “F” rating had also been reported by Beta News (not related to me, hehe) 14 months ago, but many others did the same. Like many explained, BBB ratings are not that important, and we shouldn’t read too much in them. Nevertheless, I was quite surprised to see how some of the worst-abused companies in public have actually quite better ratings than Linden Lab

LL’s stance regarding this rating has remained consistent over the past years (allegedly, as early as November 2008). They claim that the rating is not important (and many would agree), and that they actually have much better metrics and statistics to show how Second Life’s experience is getting better all the time. Still, I thought, for an April Fools’ article, it would be something worth fishing out and write something about it 🙂

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