Too tired of “virtual is not real”

Of course “pixels” are valuable. If not, web designers — a job description that didn’t exist in, say 1994 — would be out of business. I’m quite sure that the web designer market, which is little else than putting coloured pixels on a 2D screen, is worth billions and has dozens of millions (or perhaps hundreds of millions) of people working just on that area. They were laughed at in 1994; now they’re a serious job like any other. And although it’s insanely easy to “rip off” most websites’ design, it doesn’t mean it’s legal to do so — or that web designers are out of a job because, well, web pages are not real, but just pixels.

So it’s not even a question of “agreeing” with @ThorErik (which I totally agree with, btw). It’s just a fact of life. Software is virtual and doesn’t exist physically, but you pay for bits and bytes. Webpages are not real, they’re just pixels, but you can buy and sell designs. Logos are just pixels, and they’re expensive. An ad put on Google AdSense is just pixels, but you can make a campaign out of pixels to advertise products, and make thousands or millions from that ad. A PDF with a financial consultant’s evaluation of a company is worth way more than the paper it can be printed on 🙂

Just because a product is made of pixels and not atoms, it doesn’t mean it’s less valuable 🙂 (Atoms are 99.9999999999999% empty space anyway; why do we value them so much? 🙂 ) The irony is that not even “money” is much “real” these days: most money in circulation is not printed on paper or coined on iron any more, but they’re just bits travelling across bank accounts. Does that make money less valuable because most of it has become digital? Surely not!

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