[Reset] and do a 180º turn

So during the “hype years” of 2006/7, when corporations were all raging to enter SL, LL was simply not showing the appropriate attitude. And at the same time, universities were also starting to offer services in SL — and doing research. And, of course, stumbling over all the obstacles: thanks to Pathfinder Linden, who also had left a few months ago, at least they still had some official support back then from the ‘Lab. Corporations had no such luck.

A lot was written already about how companies “got it all wrong” during the hype days, and that’s the reason why besides IBM and Intel few have endured until today. But LL’s anti-corporation stance was not much discussed. Over time, they started to be a bit more flexible, but they took their time.

Then we entered the reign of M Linden. He came with a solid corporate background of managing a company that was focused on the corporate market, not the residential one. And he noticed that all these corporations were still knocking at LL’s door begging to enter. But they also had a long, long list of complaints of things that didn’t work well, from customer support, to an impossibly-high-learning curve, to lack of control.

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