King of Spades Out, Ace of Hearts In


Wow, what a ride! The Second Life Birthday events are usually full of drama (mostly regarding of what constitutes “art”, and bickering among the organisation managers, usually a mix of residents and Lindens… and where the Lindens, close to the end, sometimes have to kick the residents out and do whatever they need to do to get it rolling). This time, however, it was a box full of surprises.

When I heard about the huge layoffs two weeks ago, I though to myself, what a pity this is happening so close to SL7B — there will be little left to celebrate. As the rumours and the fear started growing, and people were losing faith in Linden Lab (and subsequently in Second Life itself), I felt that not even the impeding announcement of meshes would give us enough reasons to celebrate. And we didn’t get even that. We got voice morphing instead, which is sort of fun I guess, but not really “celebration-grade” material.

The Whys

It’s not unusual for LL to kick employees out once they finish their work, and, as said on my previous post, if LL was going to dump their Enterprise division, it would make sense giving up everybody who was assigned to a project in that area. It did not explain why people like Babbage (Mono, script changes), Pastrami (meshes), or even Blue (community) were dumped; Tateru also explained that most of the Enterprise developers had been kicked out before the Big Layoffs. And, of course, people like Pathfinder (or even Robin before him) had left LL well before all that. So the layoffs have been a long process for the past two years, they were just dramatically increased two weeks ago.

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