Town Hall Wishlist!

In a Hebrew building in the middle of an Islam regionAs promised, Philip Linden is holding his first Town Hall meeting after coming back as interim CEO. While I personally subscribe to the mainstream opinion that this is going to be mostly the announcement that Bob Komin (aka BK Linden) is going to replace Philip as the new CEO — if not this Friday, possibly in the near future.

In the mean time, while Philip is temporarily at the helm, he’s seen as the Miracle Man, a sort of Jesus Christ on His Second Coming, who will finally get everything right. There is a whole load of extreme expectations regarding what miracles Philip will perform. A few are worth reading about and have been posted on Philip’s former article two weeks ago. If you read them carefully, you’ll notice that many have actually opposing goals! This is not surprising. The end result, of course, will be that Philip will be unable to please everybody. Some will be incredibly disappointed as he picks an option that was not on our list — but that’s unavoidable.

Well, even as an optimist, I’m not expecting much, or rather, I’m really not expecting anything at all — I think that Philip will leave his post as interim CEO before he can actually do something. This phase is mostly focused on good PR, both externally and internally. We still get reports from Lindens on their office hours who admit they’re not sure on what they should be working on; but most report that at least for now they feel better about the whole situation. From the side of the residents, it’s clear that Philip is a very strong positive motivator. Although the number of simultaneously logged-in residents continues slowly to drop, the whole expectation seems to be working fine. For the past few weeks, I have heard about more people willing to remain around and see where LL is heading next before making the decision to simply go away and move to, say, the next OpenSim grid around the corner. Landowners might not be exactly buying up everything they can see in sight, but at least they’re willing to hold a bit longer before selling to see how the market evolves. Content creators might not be exactly engaging into a new boom of product releases, but they’re also postponing any major decision to cut costs, shut down shops, and limit their creative output. In a sense, the whole virtual world is collectively holding its breath and waiting to see what happens next.

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