Linden Lab turns residential; OpenSim embraces business and education

I’ve just read Prokofy Neva’s very insightful post on the official end of Second Life Enterprise — both as a product, as a division of Linden Lab, and, well, as being part of LL’s vision. Prok was very straightforward and asked the question to Philip directly: has SLE been dropped? The answer was “yes”.

So of course we already knew that Linden Lab is turning back to where their core business always was: the residential market. It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that they would not only close down their enterprise division, but also drop all products related to business.

And it’s not only that — shutting down the Teen Grid, closing the Boston offices and firing Pathfinder Linden should also give us a good hint that Linden Lab doesn’t want the educators, either. I know that Philip has repeatedly said that Linden Lab would still support business and educators on Second Life. Nevertheless, I would say that actions speak louder than words…

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