A storm in a glass of water

The title won’t make any sense for native English speakers, who have the equivalent saying: “tempest in a tea pot”. The meaning is the same: “making a fuss about nothing important”.

But sometimes we fail to see what is important and what is not. I’d like to invite you to view Linden Lab’s formal announcement of Project Snowstorm, which I mentioned on an earlier article:


Why Project Snowstorm?

Turning the clock back a few years, most people don’t remember when Philip announced that the Second Life Viewer would become open source. It was the first good news of the year of 2007, and actually it was quite unexpected. LL had been tweaking the code to be able to release it as open source since mid-2005, and, considering that so many Linden projects get abandoned, people were slowly losing their hope this would ever come out.

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