Hypergrid 1.5: Building the Metaverse, one grid at a time

Some background on the underlying technology

Let’s scroll back to the beginning. Linden Lab’s Second Life Grid® is a technology based on a set of fixed assumptions. There is a large array of central servers (which nobody outside the ‘Lab knows what they are or how they’re configured). Then there is a vast number of some 5,000+ servers, all using relatively similar configurations (servers of the same class have similar hardware specs, and they all run the same software), which, in turn, run the simulator software (sims), each region running on its own virtual machine (4-16 can run on a single server, although semi-official rumours claim that LL has been experimenting with higher density of CPUs, and may have one day 64 openspace regions on a single server). All this is automated: from the installation of the operating system to the region simulator, it’s all done with point-and-click configuration to set them up when someone buys a region from the Land Store.

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