Microsoft Life?

Ironically, just a few days after writing my other post, imagining that after a rough summer, with lots of media drama around Second Life and Linden Lab’s ever-annoying attitudes to frustrate their userbase more and more, we would enter a period of relative calm until Christmas (when LL is supposed to start announcing the grid-wide implementation of meshes and Display Names), the SLogosphere was suddenly shaken up with the interesting rumour that Microsoft might be buying Linden Lab (some sources even think that this might already have happened, and that both companies are just stalling their joint announcement). Both Microsoft and Linden Lab have declined to confirm or deny the rumour.

The fun bit about the rumour was how it was spread. It was started by the notorious hacker and Woodbury griefer Tizzers on Twitter, who didn’t even post any sources for the rumour, nor even any follow-up messages. For some unfathomable reason, this simple message gathered the attention of some blogs and e-zines, some of them actually quite reputable. As soon as it was picked up by them, others started to cross-link to the original message. Tizzers was promoted as being “closely in contact” with Linden Lab; how that bit of misinformation popped in I have no idea.

Some of the more serious e-zines, part of reasonable large publishing houses, actually tried to get in touch with Microsoft to comment. ZDNet created an interesting article noting that Microsoft hasn’t done any acquisitions this year, so this might be their first one. All of a sudden, ex-Linden employees and even some actual employees have somehow “confirmed” that there was some truth in the rumour; somehow, a few were aware that there had been conversations among Microsoft and Linden Lab.

Now where did all this come from? Tateru Nino, who usually gets her facts right, has a more reasonable explanation. And this requires a bit of delving into corporate tactics…

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