An evil conspiracy…

Apologies to all my friends who were depicted on this story without permission. It makes things more fun that way; don’t get offended if I didn’t capture your personality correctly! Just remember that a) this is fiction; b) this is the impression I get from talking to you, but it might not be an accurate description of yourselves 🙂

Many thanks to the fantastic creators who developed the amazing buildings in SL used as backdrops for the pictures. I wish you knew all your names to properly credit you!

And this is just my entry to Lalo Tellings’ “Avatarian” anthology of avatar-related stories; so, yes, it’s just avatar fiction!

Part I — No more Meatspace

It dawned one of those days when the transition between night and day is so subtle that most of us will miss it; a subtropical storm hit the coast at full blast, and suddenly the windows resonated with the fusillade of white noise thrown at them from the skies — water, furious water from above, rivalling with the roaring noise of the piled-up waves crashing into the golden sands below. Oblivious to the violence of Nature outside my window, I woke up to the annoying beep from the UPS. The power was out; I got on the phone to complain to the company, my throat still raw and tender from a week-old cold refusing to take its leave like an annoying familiar overstaying their visit, and barely able to speak perceptibly words. Fumbling sleepily with the mobile phone, the operator finally persuaded me that the power failure was just a blown fuse at my home. She was right. The day was not lost — I had electricity after all, I could go back to my computer, log in to the Metaverse, get in touch with everybody, while a solid wall of white water hit the windows with the force of an exploding volcano. It was not going to be a nice day.

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