Mars Attacks!… Mobile platforms

A bit over a year ago, when Blue Mars entered the open beta, a lot of residents speculated if this would be, at last, the much-awaited “Second Life® Killer”. It came with some seriously interesting features: user-generated content was possible for developers (not everybody was allowed to be one, though); it had a land-renting model similar to Second Life’s; and it featured the astonishing CryEngine 3D rendering engine, allegedly way more advanced than SL’s. All that put together seemed to have enough to convince residents disgruntled with LL and SL in general to move over.

With Desmond Shang’s announcement of his investment in Blue Mars, by opening Caledonia — replicating the Caledon community in BM — there seemed to be some good reasons to switch. Caledon is one of the most active communities in SL, and by opening a path for residents to drop right into a community in BM where they would feel immediately familiar (same people, same environment, same fun 🙂 ), it would make a lot of sense for people to move over.

Then some universities and a few companies added their virtual presences in Blue Mars. It seemed to have a great head start!

Finally… due to the incredibly high demands on the required hardware (BM would only run on Windows-based “gamer” hardware; that was alright since the majority of the earlier adopters came from that market segment anyway, and these were the largest group really interested in using BM’s platform), they announced a streaming solution. Now users would be able to use low-end hardware and still enjoy Blue Mars to the fullest; and, well, they hired Hamlet Au to do some promotional writing for them. It sounded everything was just peachy 🙂

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