Unity3D + Facebook = Second Life?

Of course this was my April Fool’s post for 2011 🙂 — Gwyn

Not happy with merely releasing the “dumbed down” version of Second Life, which allows new residents to hide most of the complexities of the SL 2.X viewer, here is the shape of the future to come: thanks to Tipodean’s BuiltBuy.me implementation of a Second Life-compatible Unity3D viewer which runs on the Web, you can now join neatly everything together: Second Life, Unity3D, and Facebook, all integrated and working smoothly with each other:

Of course this technology is at its early stages: avatar shape and clothing are randomly selected and inventory is missing (not unlike the “Basic” version of the SL viewer, where you can change how your avatar looks, but not do much more than that). I couldn’t figure out how to teleport, but it’s supposed to be possible. Tipodean’s Unity3D implementation has its own ideas of how water and sky should be rendered. Gestures are minimally implemented, and not everything loads properly; but you can certainly recognise that you’re “inside” Second Life, and certainly it’s as easy as loading a Web page (or, rather, any other Facebook applet).

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