Profile Greeter

In fact, pretty much every texture with enough permissions can be retrieved that way, not only profile pictures; this allowed for some nifty tools to display avatar profile pictures on Web pages. Or any other kind of textures really.

So, with this in mind, what gekkie’s script was attempting to do was to get an avatar’s UUID, make a Web call to the appropriate page, extract the image UUID by parsing the HTML, and retrieving the texture in-world, placing it on a prim’s face. Very cool! Once I figured this out, fixing the script — pretty much rewriting the unreadable bits and compiling it again — was a breeze.

Yesterday gekkie IM’ed me in despair because the script stopped working. Why? It was simple to explain: LL changed the HTML+CSS for the “old” Web-based profiles. To be more precise, now the image tag appears much lower on the code than before. Since you can only retrieve the first 2048 bytes from a Web page, LSL would never get at the image code. Drats! The script was failing with some silly errors for missing textures…

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