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Two years ago, gekkie Kidd got in touch with me to fix a “profile greeter” script that he got from a site somewhere (it’s long since gone). You know what that is… when a visitor comes near to a panel, all of a sudden, it displays their profile image for all to see. It’s supposed to be very popular on some clubs, or at least it was, back in 2009.

gekkie’s free script was badly mangled (or madly bangled? lol) and didn’t compile at all. I was intrigued. How do you know the texture ID that is on a profile page? That information isn’t supposed to be available at all. Nevertheless, there had to be some trick, because profile greeters everywhere definitely work…

Actually the trick was very basic and quite clever. Before Linden Lab introduced the new web profiles, there were already some web-based profiles in place. If you had someone’s UUID (which is easy to get!), you could see their in-world profiles with the following URL: (aye, that’s my own profile!). It was prettified with some LL-specific LSL, but still looked quite ugly, and that’s probably the reason why Linden Lab changed the Web-based profiles to things like, which are a bit better (and don’t require an UUID to be displayed).

The “old” Web-based profiles, however, have something nice: they retrieve the profile picture from LL’s database servers and convert it to a Web-readable format (yes, it’s a plain, old JPEG). But to do that they use… yes, you’ve guessed it: the image’s UUID!

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