Facebook really sucks :P

The past few months have kept me away from Second Life, as so many of you have noticed — and from blogging in general; there is simply way too much for me to deal with on a daily basis that there has been little time left for anything else!

Well, not quite. Against my own better judgement, I’ve been using Facebook a bit more, on my three accounts. Yes, three 🙂 They have different uses and different audiences; one day, I’m sure that Zuckerberg will delete them all, and I’ll be a much happier person.

I’ve long since explained how I find Facebook one of the best game distribution platforms ever created, specially when thinking about community/socially-enhanced games. They’re free and most are addictive. Well… for a while, at least. Not being really a “gamer” type, I turned to Facebook games because they’re not really demanding. There is just a little that you can do every time anyway; all of them have a set “energy” limit, so you can just play for, say, half an hour, and then you either have to “buy” more energy (and that means a real sale; companies making those games, like Zynga, expect players to “power up” and pay for the privilege), or wait several hours to “recharge”.

For a while, this can be very fun and entertaining, because it’s a different experience from pre-Facebook games. I’ve pretty much grown up when computer games were something you bought on a tape, and you’d pay for a copy, which you could then play for as long as you wished. This model endured for decades; it’s still what most “serious” gamers would be familiar with. BBSes and later the Internet brought the “shareware” variation: download the game, play for a few hours or days, and if you like it, you just buy (online) the full version. It’s a variation of downloading a “demo” (popular in the late 1980s) and only then buying the game. Shareware games, under whatever new and fancy technology has been devised to deliver them, are still very popular.

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