There are still financial institutions in Second Life…

Well, I have to admit that I was baffled today. A site I’ve subscribed to, long time ago, sent me an email saying that “their company was undergoing an IPO”. I just went… wow! A start-up company that did fancy web-based classifieds for Second Life® businesses, was already able to go IPO?? Hooray for the United States of America, where pretty much any mom-and-dad corner shop can go IPO if they wish!

Then I read the email to the end. The stock exchange keyword for the IPO was definitely none of the ones I recognised… and no wonder, because it’s a stock exchange operating just in Second Life!

“Wait,” I’m sure you’re saying. “Didn’t Linden Lab ban banking and similar financial venues a bit over three years ago? How can these people still operate?” You’d be quite right; Linden Lab did, indeed, “[…] prohibit[ed] to offer interest or any direct return on an investment (whether in L$ or other currency) from any object, such as an ATM, located in Second Life, without proof of an applicable government registration statement or financial institution charter.”

But they did not ban games!

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