Meshed drama

“Adapt or die” seems too hard on the self-taught SL content developer, specially because some of them have been actively contributing to the success of Second Life as a marketplace, since some have been among the first content developers that actually had some success in establishing themselves as businesses in SL. Somehow they expect “recognition” from LL, because they have helped SL so much in the past, well before the first professional content creators had joined and brought their marvelous content to SL. Well, I can only feel sorry for them, because it’s so hard to learn something new from scratch. Alas, while meshes are not “indispensable” for SL, they are nevertheless one of the most welcome additions to make sure that SL finally leaves the “2002” look behind, and jumps straight into the second decade of the second millenium. The “2002” look certainly jump-started the economy and the content marketplace, but it’s really tremendously dated. Even SL has to keep up with the times!

And so do all content developers — professionals, amateurs, or self-taught.

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