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When Linden Lab released SL Viewer 3.0.3, I was dreading the worst. During the 3.0.0 “final release” cycle, I spent uncountable hours sending debugging reports for the crash-on-login bug which plagued certain hardware configurations. Linden Lab correctly tracked down the bug and fixed it; one developer mumbled something about “fast timers” and promised it would be released on the next development cycle.

But after seven years of dealing with Linden Lab, and in spite of o many changes at the development team, I was not completely at ease. While the development version I was using definitely fixed whatever bug was causing the crash-on-login, there was no guarantee that this “fix” would actually be part of whatever version LL would release next.

And, indeed, it wasn’t. SL 3.0.3 has precisely the same bug as 3.0.0 had, and added a new one: the inventory does not get sorted by “most recent date”. This is an intermittent bug: Linden Lab swears that the bug does not exist, that it’s actually caused by a racing condition happening when the SL Viewer starts with a clear cache and no objects are in the inventory cache, and thus sorting by “most recent date” becomes impossible — waiting for the inventory to fully download, according to LL, is supposed to fix the problem for the handful of users who ever complained about that. But, alas, that’s just theory —plausible theory, true, but one which does not hold in practice.

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