Google Translator becomes a paid service

But Google is also not stupid. Since they launched the Google Translator API, lots and lots of companies have been successfully using it to make money on their own, by connecting to Google’s services for free, but charging end-users for access. I’m one of those nasty rascals 🙂 After all, my translation HUD took me some time to develop; why shouldn’t I get something in return for my work? But my HUD is worthless without access to Google’s amazingly good service, which used to be for free. Like my own greedy self, thousands or perhaps millions of companies and individuals were doing pretty much the same — using resources from Google for free to earn some money.

Well, of course I’m not a millionnaire because I sold an uncountable amount of HUDs; in fact, since most TPVs and LL’s own viewers include Google Translator on the viewer itself, I haven’t sold many copies of my HUD. That’s ok — there was still the odd resident not using a Google-Translator-enabled viewer which occasionally bought my HUD. Or perhaps I gave them more choices (I never really used the built-in translation facilities of the LL/TP viewers to compare them). On the other hand, my “service” was not really abusing a lot of resources from Google.

Or was it?

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