Virtual worlds research conference in Second Life

SLActions, by contrast, is a de-localised, distributed, mixed-media conference. Visitors can attend either physically at any one of the many universities and organisations sponsoring the conference. On those places, a special room is provided with plenty of Internet connectivity to enter Second Life. Some attendants will simply connect to SL wherever they are. All “meet” in virtual space and make their presentations in SL.

The advantage of this system is twofold. “Serious” conferences are about human networking as well. On a 100% virtual conference, some frown upon the perceived limitations of extra-conference socialising and networking (a fallacy in perception, but that’s how people think). By telling your supervisor or manager that you’re going to attend a “real” conference, in a “real” physical place, where “real” people will be in the same room, the likelihood of being allowed to travel there — even if it’s just to sit on a chair and turn on your laptop to connect to SL — is much higher than just saying, “oh, I’m attending a virtual conference on a virtual world”. And with SLActions you’re not limited to go to a single spot; you can just pick from the long list of sponsor organisations the one that is nearer to you, thus saving travel costs.

This model has worked very well in the past. Well, today it’s the day SLActions is back on the road — real and virtual. You can see the list of presentations and attend them in-world.

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