2012 – Not So Dark

Arriving at Innsmouth

SL Bloggers usually publish their 2012 wishlist (and an analysis of 2011) around this time of the year. Well, I’ll skip it for 2012. Doomsayers might claim that if even Gwyn cannot make predictions, then SL is truly and utterly doomed…

I prefer to see it from the reverse perspective. When something is way too difficult to predict, it usually means that so many things are happening at the same time, with Linden Lab shooting all around themselves, hoping to hit at least one target, then it’s hard to figure out what direction SL will take next year.

There are two things that definitely will have an impact in SL overall during 2012. First, photo-realism is here. No more will SL be seen as a “lesser” platform to create stunning, hyper-realistic 3D sets, as this example from Hamlet Au shows so well. This means that at least for high-end computer owners, SL is going to be remarkably closer to other high-end “games” out there, and this will mean builders will be able to do the unthinkable. For people with computers like mine, it just means being able to do nice snapshots and be content with whatever I can still render at 3-4 FPS 🙂

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