SOPA/PIPA revisited

Well, the breaking news is that the US Senate has postponed the voting on PIPA. This should give everybody a good reason involved to think twice on this whole issue.

I was replying to Prokofy Neva’s pro-SOPA article but unfortunately his setup tends to eat up my long-winded comments (it’s not his fault — I blame it on the technology). His argumentation is based on a few reasonable assumptions. Second Life creators, exposed to piracy (via CopyBot and similar technologies), should be actually happy with legislation that protects their work even further. This is quite a legitimate assumption, but of course one should question the methods (what Prokofy doesn’t say is that one single disgruntled creator, being unhappy with piracy in SL, could, via SOPA, shut down the whole grid and take Second Life off the Internet by simply filing a claim. This is like killing a fly with an atom bomb!).

The second, and perhaps strongest argument, was that nobody actually cared to read the whole bill and is just copying arguments from left-wing, free-for-all-piracy advocates, and forgetting that the entertainment industry in the USA (worth US$1.4 trillion in 2011) employs 2.2 million workers who suffer most under the current trend of content piracy — or so the SOPA/PIPA proponents claim (one can only wonder how exactly an industry worth about 10% of the US’ GDP but employing merely 1% of its workforce is actually “suffering”, but, again, that’s another story).

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