Towards a National OpenSimulator Grid

Working towards a national OpenSim grid
A bit over a month ago, Andabata Mandelbrot, addressing a Portuguese-speaking audience, launched an interesting challenge: let national OpenSim grid operators join forces together into a single OpenSim grid. Simple as that.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise for OpenSim users and operators. After all, isn’t “joining forces” what OpenSim is good at? I mean the ability to HyperGrid across grids, which works more and more flawlessly as time goes by and newer versions are released. These days, it’s so easy to get some clothes on one grid, then move to another, buy some shoes, return to your own grid… and suddenly you forgot where all the things in your inventory have come from: they might have come from dozens of different grids, and you’ll be able to mix and match them at will (assuming you have permissions for that), and not worry about anything else. Things like The HyperGates keep all the possible links between individual grids together.

Sounds fantastic! But there is a catch. Actually, there are several.

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