OpenSimulator: Multiple instances and monitoring

Recently I was “forced” (in the good sense of the word!) to get back to work on Beta Technologies’ own OpenSimulator mini-grid. It usually remains pretty much empty (and open to attacks from, uh, “visitors”) most of the time, ready to be used when something comes up — like a customer, some work for my PhD, or even some friends needing a temporary setup with a few islands to experiment things, and having no patience or time to set up their own environment. It’s not a “public” OpenSim grid by any means; on the other hand, it’s also not a “public sandbox” but mostly a “storage” of old projects and ongoing ones.

And the server lacks the ability to run everything smoothly. It’s actually an old PC who was used for a while until it became too obsolete for running the Second Life® Viewer. Now it gets an extended life as a Linux server running an OpenSim grid with 22 or so regions, behind an ADSL connection with poor bandwidth. Not exactly the best of circumstances — but it tends to work.


So, bear with me as I describe a very technical and boring way to deal with all this 🙂 Maybe — just maybe — this might be useful for someone else who is running their own OpenSim grid.

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