Not yet a party but soon?

That’s ultimately the big question. Because for Linden Lab’s Second Life we know the answer: one million active users, billions of content for sale, a solid financial model (both for the company and its residents eager to sell digital content), and a lot of luck to have been at the right place at the right time. It’s never been “features”, “cool visual effects”, “ease of use”, “advanced social networking tools”, nor even “being dirt cheap”, because Second Life has none of those and still thrives…

[UPDATE: Thanks to graymills for pointing out that Intel’s Distributed Scene Graph (DSG) technology for allowing hundreds of avatars in a single OpenSimulator region crammed full with content is publicly available and can be actually downloaded and tested. I wasn’t aware that the source code was public or even that some OpenSim grid operators were already providing that service. My sincere apologies to Intel for the mistake, which was amended on the above article. Keep up doing your fantastic work on OpenSimulator, Intel! 🙂 ]

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