Not yet a party but soon?

Inara Pey did a wonderful review of the new “kid on the block” (her words, not mine!), Cloud Party, which made me try it out. Specially because on on of the snapshot on her blog I saw the Facebook picture of my PhD supervisor who had created an island on Cloud Party 😉 so I guess I was allowed to try it as well and write it off as, uh, “virtual world research”…

After seeing so many VWs out there, most of them utterly failing, I had very low expectations. And I’m glad I had them, since clearly my laptop is completely underpowered to run Cloud Party (CP) — I get about 5 frames per minute under Chrome, and about 10 or so frames per minute under Firefox. That’s at CP’s lowest settings. It makes it pretty much unusable. Granted, SL runs at the lowest settings at perhaps 6-9 FPS, but that’s 50 times faster than CP 🙂

So this is what I get when doing a snapshot. This gets posted on one’s Facebook album, from which you need to download it if you wish to keep a copy:

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