Can real businesses still find a use for Second Life?

I had a recent conversation with a good friend, after reading this article from Wynd Ling on 10 ways Second Life can help your Business. The discussion was around the use that Second Life® can have for real businesses. Is it still worth for a company to spend some time and money in this virtual world?

Now, all the hype around Second Life has long since gone, and it will not come back again. The tech media are only worried about the following topics:

  • Mobile Applications
  • What will Facebook release next?
  • What will Apple do next?
  • Crowdfunding and the next batch of Web start-ups
  • Crowdfunding startups to create mobile applications that run on iOS and Facebook

The rest pretty much doesn’t matter, unless it’s about a company that failed. Virtual worlds and innovation outside the above topics have little relevance. These days, things like Google funding a prize to put a robot on the Moon escape the attention of the news, and even the Higgs boson discovery was just reported because Leon M. Lederman named it “the God particle” — without God, it would not have been news. VWs are sooo 2006 🙂

Now for all of you with short memories, it’s nice to remember that the main reason for companies to join Second Life was for the media splash. Media splash can be accurately measured, and whatever can be measured by a marketeer, can be sold to a client. The era of media splash has been superseded by “the era of VW silence on the news”, so companies after brand awareness will stay away from SL.

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