Full steam ahead for new horizons!

And so I guess he was intrigued. What makes those people enjoy designing quasi-real-time-FPS games in SL, even though the technology is completely against it? And we’re not talking about “oddities” — it’s not the lonely, bored gamer who twiddles and tinkers a bit in SL once in a while.

No, we’re talking about whole communities, often with thousands of members, who regularly engage in MMOGs designed and developed in Second Life. They have their own content creators and developers. There are even “standard gaming systems” — whole frameworks based on LSL scripts designed to create MMOG-like experiences in SL. They have their own websites, forums, groups, and even at least a viewer (Exodus). And all this gets often ignored by the majority of the SL resident population, who shrugs at the pathetic attempts to create something even vaguely looking like a 1990 MMOG, and considers them to be, well, oddities.

Rod isn’t doing the mistake of shrugging them away.

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