Dreaming of Clouds

This means that visitors coming in a year or two will very likely see things changed — sometimes, just subtly so; other times much more dramatically. It’s an eternal work in progress. But it’s also fun!

Of course, what this model does not show is the second stage of the project, which is starting to hold some events in it. Unfortunately, these also require extensive research, and a lot of funding just to get them done correctly. Just imagine how much it costs to hire some opera singers with full orchestra to recreate that experience! Not to mention much more mundane things like getting sets of appropriate clothing for the avatars to wear — we actually have a once-famous SL clothes designer as part of the research team 🙂 All this, unfortunately, takes a lot of time and, even worse, requires a lot of funding — so, for now, all that we can offer are some pretty buildings. Not many, but enough to be worth at least one visit 🙂

You have to thank the nice guys at Kitely for providing us with really affordable technology that allowed this to finally open to the public!

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