For a while I didn’t see any ads, but then I noticed one ad appearing on my Dashboard — surreptitiously! When the page loads, there was no ad whatsoever. After a minute, however, the ad appeared. What seems to be going on is that Linden Lab put a timer on the pages displaying ads, and they will only be shown if people stay on the same page for a while. Why exactly they are doing this — except for making them less visible and keep the drama down for a while — is beyond me; Linden Lab, as far as I know, hasn’t officially said anything.

These are not “Linden ads” like we have on the SL Marketplace. They are clearly Google Ads, which can be seen by examining the webpage’s HTML. They seem to default to Linden Lab’s “own” ads first (like ads for Versu, Dio, etc.) and only show other products and services occasionally — this can all be done from the Google AdSense website, and it’s likely that Linden Lab will be tweaking those to minimize the impact (namely, filtering out ads from competitors, which is very easy to do).

How much does Linden Lab expect to make from this?

Hamlet Au calculates that LL’s websites have 300-400k regular unique visitors, and estimates that LL will be able to  “earn the company income in the four to five figure range in US$“. Now I tried to ask Hamlet how he came up with these numbers, and obviously if they’re monthly on annually. Even US$99,999 annually wouldn’t matter much to Linden Lab — a company which probably makes around 75 million US dollars annually. He probably has used a tool like EvaluateAnyWebsite which estimates that LL might make a little less than US$7,000/month (at the time I checked that site).

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