Kicking WordPress into submission and learning to tweak virtual machines

A last note: one might wonder if it’s not possible to run OpenSimulator instance on virtual machines. Well, it’s certainly possible, and a lot of people do that to keep running costs low. The problem is really how many resources they consume, all the time, even when the grid is totally empty. But people like Kitely have certainly proved that it’s possible to run a whole grid inside the virtual space of cloud computing — and still get excellent performance. It’s just very hard to do it right — after all, Kitely took several years to develop.

And I wondered a bit about what Philip Rosedale means on his High Fidelity website when he talks about peer-to-peer computing. Maybe he’s planning of deploying a huge cloud running on people’s homes — each sharing a slice of their CPU and RAM towards a fully distributed grid, which would shuffle ‘scenes’ around, depending on location and available resources on each user’s computer. It’s a thought. After all, there are plenty of solutions around to spread the load of intense computing to people’s home desktops, like the famous BOINC platform which is used by [email protected], among many others…

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