Second Life has no humans?

What-the-heck-realityAn interesting series of interviews run by  has given me some food for thought.

Aria has interviewed old residents of Second Life® who have given up on the virtual world. She asked them about their engagement — what they mostly did, why they remained for so long, and, naturally, why they left.

The two first interviews show an interesting trend. Both are from former content creators, who had a “vision” about what to do and how to do it, and the desire to meet others with the same ideas. This didn’t work out precisely as they intended.

Why? Both give the same reason: drama. Or, to be more precise, sex. It’s also interesting how for those two people, drama means emotional frustration from power-struggles and manipulation in relationships of a sexual nature, that’s why many people end up looking for sex replacements online, by going to the internet to look for real girls nudes forum or many other kind of adult material.

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