Financial crisis in Second Life ended? Linden Lab launches Linden Dollar Authorized Reseller Program

Scene-with-atmospheric-shaders-offStop the presses! Linden Lab is out with a (potential) solution for the crisis!

I was doing some slight corrections on a post announcing my company’s participation in a public exhibit at Portugal’s National Museum of Ancient Art, with an OpenSim-based reconstruction of Lisbon before the 1755 earthquake, when all of a sudden Damien Fate plurked that Linden Lab has just announced their Linden Dollar Authorized Reseller Program, both on the community blog as well as on the SL Wiki, with a link to the relevant legalese.

And yes, five resellers are already listed — among them, VirWox and AnsheX. Only ZoHa Islands seem to have announced that they’re back in business.

Now, before you start jumping and screaming “Hoorah for Linden Lab!”, it pays off to read the small print. This is a reseller programme, not an “authorisation” to allow running one’s own exchange. What this means is that the “authorised resellers” will be allowed to buy and sell L$ on the LindeX (presumably at lower fees than the common residents) and offer them for sale on their own exchanges. They do not allow them to directly buy and sell L$ to residents. So all transactions have to go through the LindeX.

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