Gwyneth-Llewelyn-from-2004-and-2013Nine years ago, I was completely clueless about what I was signing up with.

I think I’ve told my tale a billion times, but, for my rezday, I’ll tell it once again. My roomie and I were far away from home on exile. We had been tracked via the Internet by some rough guys who applied extortion to us; we had to leave and let the police take care of them (yes, they have completely vanished and eluded the justice after we filed our complaint). I shut down most of my Internet presences by then, just leaving the company email active, as well as my 17-year-old personal email. I stopped participating on forums, on ICQ, MSN, and whatever sites I had been registered with; Facebook didn’t exist yet, but there were others.

Back then I already was a full-time telecommuter; in fact, I had been one for almost a decade. Some of my colleagues at work just noticed I wasn’t physically around in the same city — we were 1000km away by then — after a month. So, yes, I guess I can claim I was quite familiar of being just a virtual presence and still do useful work that day; in fact, the office I used to work with is still around, they sometimes still give me something to work upon, but nowadays over half the people there are telecommuters. And today I’m continuing my academic studies at a university 450km away from home. Once you start detaching yourself from the notion that “physical presence is important”, it’s hard to get back — even though that’s what probably will happen to me next year or so, after two decades of telecommuting.

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