Understanding Second Life’s Culture

Wintertime in Colonia Nova

I’m currently under a lot of pressure to do my work, and every time I post anything on my blog, I get a lot of complaints that I should be working instead of blogging 🙂 The complainers are right, of course… but every once in a while, I also need to rest my mind, and do that by focusing on completely different and unrelated issues. Just to prove that I’m alive and well, and will resume my analysis of Second Life and virtual worlds in general, as soon as my current work is completed (alas, it should take another year…), here are a few thoughts about a recent discussion that captured my attention on the SL Universe forums. My comments make more sense if you take your time reading that discussion first. I tried to post an answer there, but unfortunately I’m too long-winded for common forums; I had to resort to a blog post to overcome the character limitations 🙂

Thanks to the very intelligent community that regularly discusses at SL Universe. You guys are truly an inspiration for me!

The more time passes, the more I tend to believe a few basic assumptions about SL, some of which, as you will see, are contradictory:

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