Registering users on a website

Dawsey Chatterbox, posting a comment on the page for my SL User Create WordPress plugin, asked for a simpler version of the code which would merely register an avatar name to a MySQL database. He has been patient, having been waiting for almost a year 🙂 Here goes the code for the three components: the in-world script (to be placed inside an item that you can touch), a very simple schema for a MySQL table, and a PHP script to be placed at the backend of your server. I’m assuming PHP 5.X with the PDO libraries active (you should have them on by default, since it’s what PHP is now supposed to be supporting in exclusivity).

This merely registers an avatar name and its key to an external database. To illustrate a point, the location of the object is also extracted from the headers sent by the SL object. And to see that it is really updating the database if you touch on the same object repeatedly, a timestamp gets updated each time by the MySQL engine. There is no functionality to actually view the database; you can use phpMyAdmin for that.

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