The battle for the future virtual world environment is on!

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I’ve tried to write a comment on the latest article on High Fidelity posted on Technology Review. But I’m long-winded and their system didn’t accept my comment. So here it is:

Rosedale’s latest attempt at designing a virtual world from scratch shows that he has learned a lot of lessons in the past 15 years. The article neglects to explain Rosedale’s background in physics; Linden Lab actually started by being a VR gear company, doing the hardware first, and designing a virtual world in order to test their gear, simply known as ‘The Rig‘, and which is allegedly still stored somewhere at Linden Lab’s premises. It was never commercially sold.

Thus, Rosedale’s vision continues solid. The difference is that others, in the past 15 years, have developed much nicer gadgets, and now all that HiFi needs to do is to provide the ultimate virtual environment to play with them. As far as we can see, they’re progressing quite nicely, and should have an awesome product by the time the Rift is finally on the shelves.

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