Even my blogging lags behind famous bloggers like Inara Pey, Hamlet Au, Tateru NinoProkofy Neva or even Torley Linden. Unlike what many people think, only about 400 people read my blog. Sometimes. A few are even nice and post some comments here, so I believe they’re not bots but real human beings. Google is by far my best reader, faithfully devouring every single word I write. 🙂

I’m no land baroness, content baroness, or event princess. I’m still is a Premium user, but for no real reason (except for the L$500 weekly stipend); all my land is rented except for the complimentary Linden House, and I only have a few micro-shops anyway. I don’t belong to any large groups, and have not founded any which are of notice (I joined Thinkers several months after it was created) — actually, I’m happy of not having too many groups against me (like the SCAG — Secret Conspirators Against Gwyn). So I’m just a footnote on the Metaverse. Really.

In RL, I started to use the Second Life platform on my job to do educational & cultural projects in Second Life since December 2004, mostly for non-profits and charities who use computers to give young people/senior citizens/citizens with disabilities a better life. Since then, I thought that it would be nicer to work on my own and, well, make a living out of creating content for SL. Thus Beta Technologies — the company that creates content for an environment which is always in Beta — was formed with my friends and partners Eggy Lippmann, Moon Adamant, and Jeff Bush. Since the Sheep abandoned Second Life, I believe we’re the largest Metaverse Development Company in the world. Well. After Rivers Run Red and Millions of Us. But both were drooling over Google’s Lively (which only existed for 7 months anyway), so I wonder if they’ll stay around here for much longer [edit: Millions of Us is gone], and thus my own claims won’t be fought in court as libel or defamation or false advertising 😉

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