Text links, all pages

Many advertisers only wish to increase their Google Page Ranking, and for some obscure reason, think that links from my website will benefit their own ranking. For that, they don’t need a very visible link anywhere, but just a small text link, forgotten somewhere on the page (usually on the footer), tied to a single or a handful of keywords. If these don’t conflict with my advertisement guidelines, I’m happy to run them for US$20/month. Sometimes I use commercial plugins and/or themes that, in exchange for such a link, forfeit payment. In those cases I will share the available space (as said, mostly on the footer) with many different advertisers. Running your own text link in exclusivity will cost you US$100/month (since I will have to cancel the agreements and/or pay licensing fees for those plugins/themes) and there might be a waiting time for some of the contracts to finish, so this option might not be immediately available.

Text links, one page

In some cases, advertisers don’t need links on all articles and pages, but just on a very specific section, from where they believe most of the ranking benefits will come from. Guidelines are as above, but usually the difference is that the text link is in the middle of the article itself, highlighting a few words. This will be charged US$5/month.

Sponsored articles

I’m not always available to write articles upon request, but if your product or service is within the guidelines below, I might agree to write an article on it. The price can be negotiated — it will depend on the size of the article and the depth of the coverage — but as a rule of thumb you can expect to pay something around US$250 for 500-1000 words. This is pretty much the same I also charge for writing for other websites, newspapers, magazines, and so forth. It’s deliberately expensive because I don’t have much time for that 🙂

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