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Supporting business in Second Life seriously

This article requires a disclaimer. I am by no means a disinterested party, but a heavilly biased one. My own company, Beta Technologies, has officially launching the Beta Business Park on September 15th, 2009. Obviously you will expect me to support the whole concept 🙂 and not be too skeptical […]

Google’s Ultimate Mashup, The End of Web 2.0, and More Metaverse Wannabees

Congratulations to Google — after the announcement of Google Wave, we can finally close the chapter on Web 2.0, or, rather, Web 2.0 Release Candidate. We’ve finally left 2.0 behind to enter the dramatic new age of Web 2.1. You might say to yourself, “oh no, this is just another […]

Philip’s Vision, 1999-2009 and Beyond [UPDATED]

Formerly known as “El Presidente” (a title now held by M Linden) and currently known as “Exortium”, Philip “Linden” Rosedale was always the driving force behind Linden Lab’s vision — and, to a degree, Second Life’s®. But on a recent interview to the Portuguese news radio TSF, he confesses that […]