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Towards a National OpenSimulator Grid

A bit over a month ago, Andabata Mandelbrot, addressing a Portuguese-speaking audience, launched an interesting challenge: let national OpenSim grid operators join forces together into a single OpenSim grid. Simple as that. It shouldn’t come as a surprise for OpenSim users and operators. After all, isn’t “joining forces” what OpenSim […]

Virtual worlds research conference in Second Life

When Linden Lab removed the land tier discount for academic and non-profit institutions, and most organisations simply moved to an OpenSim-grid instead, one started to see less and less announcements about academia in Second Life — with research grants cut to a bare minimum, SL tier, specially for long-lived projects […]

Mesh quality using up a single prim? Nah!

When I read Inara Pey’s article covering Ample Clarity‘s PrimPossible shop, I was a bit skeptic: top-of-the-line furniture design in Second Life® with just a single prim? No way! As meshes have been introduced, residents have noticed that they are almost worthless for furnishing small parcels — except for some well-designed […]

New model for software development for Second Life?

When Linden Lab released SL Viewer 3.0.3, I was dreading the worst. During the 3.0.0 “final release” cycle, I spent uncountable hours sending debugging reports for the crash-on-login bug which plagued certain hardware configurations. Linden Lab correctly tracked down the bug and fixed it; one developer mumbled something about “fast […]