Understanding Second Life’s Culture

I’m currently under a lot of pressure to do my work, and every time I post anything on my blog, I get a lot of complaints that I should be working instead of blogging 🙂 The complainers are right, of course… but every once in a while, I also need […]

Revolutionary breakthrough: animating your avatar with Kinect!

I’m breaking my long period of silence (I should be working instead of blogging!) just to share with you some exciting news. Since Linden Lab introduced user-generated, custom animations in June 2004, people have been craving for a more ‘natural’ way of animating their avatars, without resource to pre-loaded animations. […]

Prim-to-Mesh done just right

The year was, oh, perhaps 2009 or so. In the middle of all the excitement about virtual worlds in general and Second Life® in particular, professional 3D designers were raising eyebrows at a new opportunity to sell their content. A virtual world with a million regular users who were engaged […]


Nine years ago, I was completely clueless about what I was signing up with. I think I’ve told my tale a billion times, but, for my rezday, I’ll tell it once again. My roomie and I were far away from home on exile. We had been tracked via the Internet […]

Second Life’s Tenth Birthday

In 2013, WordPress celebrated its 10th birthday, and so did Google AdSense. You surely knew that, right? After all, almost one fifth of all websites in the world run WordPress; and AdSense is used by 14.9% of all websites and in the subject of market share, it represents 75.6% — […]

Infographic: 10 Years of Second Life

Original press release from Linden Lab. No need to comment; maybe, if we go viral with this, the media wakes up after 6 years of slumber and goes “wow! how could we have missed this massive growth?”  

How to create your own financial crisis

[Update 2013/05/07 6 PM GMT — Linden Lab has just announced the launch of the Linden Dollar (L$) Authorized Reseller Program] Software features turn into products Nine years ago, Linden Lab revealed a series of new features for Second Life® which would dramatically change the way we think and interact […]

Running WordPress on Nginx in a tiny virtual server

I wrote recently about my experiences in trying to fit a whole Web environment running WordPress into a tiny virtual private server. Well, from my notes, I sort of wrote a long-ish tutorial about it — who knows, it might be useful, if you’re considering leasing a virtual private server […]

Second Life has no humans?

An interesting series of interviews run by Aria E Appleford has given me some food for thought. Aria has interviewed old residents of Second Life® who have given up on the virtual world. She asked them about their engagement — what they mostly did, why they remained for so long, and, […]

“Why do you blog?”

It’s not merely a question; it has been turned into a meme. Even though I’m usually against memes, who would I be if I didn’t question my own dogmas? 🙂 So, as suggested by Strawberry Singh, and inspired by Inara Pey who took Strawberry’s challenge, here are my own answers. Be sure to get […]

Setting the pace of development to “very fast”

What’s up with Linden Lab? For years we have been complaining that they don’t fix things quickly enough; or, when they do, we complain that they aren’t adding anything exciting to Second Life. When they actually come up with something new, we complain they’re not “working with the community”, or […]