Marketing Second Life®

Just for fun, I remembered one day to set the Thinkers’ with a challenge: what would you do if you were VP of Marketing for Linden Lab®?

Since then, I’ ve certainly discussed this idea with many people in-world. One of the resident’s favourite pastime is to tell Linden Lab how they should run their own company.

As many of you have probably noticed, Linden Lab has started to promote Second Life® as a “user content-created virtual world”. That was back in 2002 (a few articles appeared in the press back then as well). The entertainment aspect was clearly in the minds of LL’s board.

Slowly, as new functions were added to Second Life, Linden Lab now started to promote it as “a 3D game development platform”. Their idea then was that people would develop amazing MMORPGs using Second Life as a platform. So it was not just “content” – but content oriented towards developing games. We still have the annual Game Developer’s Contest in SL. What we see is that people are really doing large-scale (ie. sim-wide or several sims wide) MMORPGs, but they really lack the interest that modern-day MMORPGs have. It’s a “return to the distant past”. We want 2005-style MMORPGs, not 1999-style ones, but that’s what SL’s allows us to build.

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