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Nine years ago, I was completely clueless about what I was signing up with. I think I’ve told my tale a billion times, but, for my rezday, I’ll tell it once again. My roomie and I were far away from home on exile. We had been tracked via the Internet […]

Virtual worlds research conference in Second Life

When Linden Lab removed the land tier discount for academic and non-profit institutions, and most organisations simply moved to an OpenSim-grid instead, one started to see less and less announcements about academia in Second Life — with research grants cut to a bare minimum, SL tier, specially for long-lived projects […]

Democracy in Action: Protest March “I Want To Vote NOW!”

When Government does some measures that the citizens dislike, and appealing to other branches of Government is faced with indifference, what do citizens do? They protest. First, in public forums. And then they come to the streets. What could be most important to protest for in a democracy? Well, most […]