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Revolutionary breakthrough: animating your avatar with Kinect!

I’m breaking my long period of silence (I should be working instead of blogging!) just to share with you some exciting news. Since Linden Lab introduced user-generated, custom animations in June 2004, people have been craving for a more ‘natural’ way of animating their avatars, without resource to pre-loaded animations. […]

Setting the pace of development to “very fast”

What’s up with Linden Lab? For years we have been complaining that they don’t fix things quickly enough; or, when they do, we complain that they aren’t adding anything exciting to Second Life. When they actually come up with something new, we complain they’re not “working with the community”, or […]

Dreaming of Clouds

DreamObjects Recently, my favourite web hosting provider, DreamHost, announced that they would launch a new cloud-based storage service, DreamObjects. It’s currently in Beta, and free during that period, so, as part of my volunteering effort to try it out, I hacked a WordPress plugin to take advantage of DreamHost’s cloud-based storage. This […]