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Self-entertainment and the end of newbies

Sometimes, discussions after the Thinkers meetings prove to be even more interesting than the meeting itself (sorry, Extie! 🙂 ) — mostly because the group tends to become very small and we can throw around a few wild ideas to see if they stick 🙂 One of those is something […]

On the multi-cultural environment of Second Life

I wrote a short article on meta-culture and the multi-cultural environment in SL for a new blog/magazine for Portuguese speakers called “Convergences Magazine”. It’s an intriguing project by Gper Aeon and Gabriela Pinelli, mixing art, culture, and philosophy about and around Second Life. If you’re fine in reading Portuguese, or […]

Fake Avatars and the Duplicates Paradox: An Essay by Extropia DaSilva

In ‘A Tale Of Two Avatars’, Wagner James Au reports on the discovery that there are two ‘Hamlet Aus’ on the social networking site ‘Avatars United’. Like many things to do with life on the screen, a superficial consideration of this discovery leads to a clear-cut and simple conclusion: There […]