From time to time, people get in touch with me to ask me for advertising fees on my website. In order to establish general guidelines, I’ll explain briefly the different alternatives I’m currently offering, its prices, payment methods, and restrictions on the types of ads.

Advertisement types and pricing


I’ve currently set up two types of banners. One is always at the top of all pages, and is currently served by Google Ads with the size 468×60. You can get it for US$100/month or the equivalent in Linden dollars (L$), currently set at about L$250 per US$.

The other is at the bottom of the list of articles on the homepage, just before the footer, and is currently served by the Google Affiliate Network. Its size is 728×90. You can get it for US$30/month. It does not appear on any other category page, nor on individual articles, but just on the homepage.


There are four buttons appearing in all pages, to the right of them, each 125×125 in size, and I consider them as either my own sponsors, or initiatives that I sponsor. These are more appropriate for affiliate networks, link exchanges, or similar kinds of mutual traffic direction. Each can be had by US$20/month but you will need to consult me first before applying for them, since I’m even more restrictive about the kind of links that go there.

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